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FUkuoka, japan

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Welcome to Fukuoka!

Fukuoka City is a gateway to Asia with a history of trade with the continent dating back more than 2,000 years. It is a vibrant and modern city located on the northern shore of Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four main islands with over 1.6 million people. It has excellent public transportation and you can enjoy various hot springs and abundant nature in Kyushu Island. It also boasts outstanding access to destinations such as South Korea and Taiwan, making it an ideal hub for business and tourism.

Temperature in October

23℃/ 15℃

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Fukuoka, Japan skyline
"Yatai" Japanese food stalls late at night in Fukuoka, Japan


Fukuoka city is ...


---Lonely Planet

Fukuoka, a subtropical city perched on the northern shore of Kyushu, is one of the few remaining places in Japan where you will see rows of yatai — open-air street-food stalls resembling boxes of neon light.

52 places to go in 2023

--- The New York Times

Located at the tip of northern Kyūshū, friendly and sunny Fukuoka is coastally located on a bustling trading route that has historically made it a popular choice to visit in Japan. Food lovers will delight in Fukuoka’s mouth-watering culinary options, from the incredible mobile food scene to, of course, the internationally renowned Hakata ramen.

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Events and Activities

Open Air Bus

night city tour

Local Street Food

Japanese sake brewery tour

Coworking Hopping

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Good Location & Community

We'll be staying in the Tenjing area which is the center of Fukuoka with green parks, trendy restaurants and cafés. There are train stations within close proximity in nearly every direction.

We’ll all be staying in the same building, each in our own private suite, with bathroom. Kitchen, laundry, cafe, smoking room, and balcony are located on the 3rd floor as shared spaces. There's also a rooftop bar!

Most Livable City in Japan

since 2020


Connect with Start Ups!

Partnering with "TeamPlace," we offer an Area Pass to access 10 coworking spaces in central Fukuoka. Connect with locals and create meaningful interactions in your daily work environment.

Fukuoka city has highest Startup Rate in Japan since 2019


Ryo Osera


Akina Shu


Jazmine Ross


8-year digital nomad veteran. Founder of HafH in 2019, pioneering the "work while traveling" market. Gives nationwide lectures, TV appearances, and produces nomad tours in Japan. Participates in international digital nomad events. Advisor to Japan Workation Association.

3-year digital nomad veteran. Nomads Giving Back Ambassador. Speaker at global events. Guest speaker on Digital Nomad Visa in Japan. Keynote speaker at major nomad event. Conducted 50+ interviews through "Nomad University."

2nd year Digital Nomad paving the way for further acceptance and celebration of diversity in all its forms. Experienced Interpreter and Guide of navigating Japan with an understanding of the different cultural nuances between the East and West.

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More than 30 participants

from over 20 different countries

Nicolás Germen


Entrepreneur. Founder of Argentina's first digital nomad community. The pioneer in introducing digital nomad visas in Argentina.

John Ho

Hong Kong

Operates “Alt_ChiangMai”, a popular co-living and co-working space in the famous city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is said to be a sacred place for digital nomads.

Sergio Sala


YouTube video creator with 17,000 subscribers. With over ten years of experience as a digital nomad and over 40 countries, he introduces his lifestyle on YouTube. We are also active with a sponsor from Nomadlist, a portal site that provides real, local information to digital nomads worldwide.

Jeong Cho


Urban designer and sustainability consultant. Founder of Hoppers, which operates a community “Digital Nomad Korea,” aiming for a sustainable digital nomad lifestyle in Seoul, South Korea.

Daniel Beck


Entrepreneur. The owner of "The Digital Nomad Asia," a media specializing in digital nomads, and the founder of "The Digital Nomad Japan".

Haren Tambi


Community Manager at Tropical Nomad Coworking Space. 7 years experience in Coworking Industry. Call himself as NOKIA, connecting people through various way and moment.

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Welcoming digital nomads on the first trip to Japan. We're offering experiences to explore the allure of Fukuoka and Japan through food, history, and culture. In addition, we're showcasing local dining options and provide cooking opportunities for vegan nomads in Fukuoka.


Experience the convenience of Fukuoka, a leading compact city in Japan. Explore multiple coworking spaces and embrace the city's walkability and cycling initiatives for a seamless lifestyle.


Facilitating skill sharing among international digital nomads in "tourism," "startups," and "local communities." Fostering cross-border innovation and seeking new avenues for addressing local challenges.


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Embark on your adventure in Japan!

Join our dream Coliving Program in Fukuoka, Japan. Experience the warm hospitality of Japan.

If Japan is top-priorities list for visiting, now is your chance!

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